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UAE-made UAV appeals

Silvia Radan

ABU DHABI – Meet Yabhon United 40 – Block 5; with its futuristic aero-dynamics, this unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV, was a major show attraction at Idex 2013.

Developed by Abu Dhabi’s Adcom Systems, largely a UAV manufacturer with worldwide branches, United 40 is being seen for the second time in the UAE, after being recently launched in Dubai.

“It can carry 10 missiles on board, each one having a 60km range and 1,000kph speed,” said Ali Al Dhaheri, general designer and CEO of Adcom Systems. “It can fly over 100 hours without refuelling at a 30,000ft altitude. It is very reliable, has twin engines, six fly control units and over 400 channels of communications.” Designed for strategic missions such as border surveillance, battle damage assessment, intelligence preparation of battlefield, combat assessment and humanitarian aid, United 40 can take off with 2,000kg on board.  If desired, it can also have up to 15 people on board.


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