Civil Europe Multirotor

TU Delft – Search and Rescue with AR Drone 2

The high manoeuvrability and stability of a quadrotor inspired us to make an autonomous search and rescue vehicle. For this the AR Drone 2 was used. The goal of this project is thus to further develop the AR Drone2 into a robot capable of performing an autonomous search mission. This under guidance of dr. ir. M. Wisse and ir. B. D. W. Remes. All the steps taken are described on the wiki page.

In order to achieve this goal we decided to work with raw data. The data was obtained by creating drivers capable of extracting and interpreting sensor data from the AR Drone2. Also because the programming developed by Parrot were not used, motor drivers has to be obtained. In order to get the quadrotor actually to fly, paparazzi was used. For simulation JSBSim was used, which was then visualized using Flight Gear.


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