RangeVideo publish prices for their RVJet flying wing.

Designed as a high performance modular airframe specifically for anarchist FPV and UAV flying, the RVJET has been developed from early 2011 till now, with no expenses spared in R&D or production. RangeVideo envisioned the ultimate flying wing and rallied an elite team of top engineers and pilots in Sweden.

The scalable RVJET platform features 2 wings pans, a huge 1.95 meter (76.7 inches) wing span for ultra stabile video footage and a shorter 1.55 meter (61 inches) wing span for a fast and agile FPV experience. The wings are removable for easier transport.

The RVJET can easily carry a 10,000mAh 11,1V battery and reach flight times comfortably exceeding 30 minutes.

Besides a rugged foam nose, the RVJET features a unique and versatile camera gimbal, designed to suit both the popular GoPro Hero I & II as well as most micro cameras available on the market. The mechanics are designed to be 100% play-free, eliminating shaky video footage. The gimbal allows pan & tilt angles up to 170 degrees. A camera holder for the GoPro Hero3 will be available in Q2 2013.

The front facing camera dome protects the camera inside and is of extreme high quality. The material used is optically clearer than glass to ensure there is no image distortion and is hard coated to improve the scratch resistance.

Available in both black and white, the RVJET airframe is made from very durable molded EPO foam. The kit includes high quality injection molded hardware. On the underside of the wing the landing skid protects the airframe during rough landings and integrates a rugged hook that enables bungee launches.

The RVJET is shipped inside a custom made foam box that after assembly can be used for transporting the RVJET safely to and from the flying field.