Little Eye in a Big Sky

Paul Marsh long time UAS enthusiast has published a book! Paul has drawn on experience of building his own sUAS to add authentic detail to his narrative. If you have a young teen that’s itching to get into UA it might be just the ticket.

After hearing about some unusual activity at a supposedly abandoned building near their model airplane flying site, Rob and his son Nate determine to build their own amateur UAV, or drone, to circle the building and see what’s going on. The building is too far away to fly their video-equipped plane manually, so they must use an on-board autopilot to guide it. The video recorded from their little drone draws them deeper and deeper into a mystery that not only involves law enforcement, but puts them and the rest of their family, a mother and daughter, in great danger. “Little Eye in a Big Sky” was written with the young reader–early to mid teen–in mind.

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