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Iran releases video from captured RQ-170 Sentinel released (perhaps)

Iranian News Agency Alalam has released footage that purports to come from the Beast of Kandahar. The RQ 170 in question was said to have been driven off track and captured in December 2011. Iranian boffins have decoded the video and released it as proof!

Not sure that this is where the footage comes from but I bet an sUAS News reader can recognise the airfield. There looks to be some other large UAS operating out of it. At 00:58 we taxi past what looks like a pair of reaper/predator class airframes and perhaps a Heron.

A quick look at Google Earth shows a fuzzy image on the North East side of Kandahar airfield, but Bing was better. I think this is where the platform is parking.

If it is a Heron its probably an Australian one

What’s the betting the footage comes from a similar type.

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