E-300 from Elimco

After two years of continuous and successful topographic jobs over the largest mines in the world, the E-300 Viewer has been consolidated as one of the most adequate UAV platforms for  industrial topographic applications.

Industrial applications imply large productions and they are normally carried out in extreme operational envelopes. Big open sky mines, for example, have the bad habit of being highly sun radiated on one side and keeping a shadow on the other side of the cone thus forming incredible shearwinds that make flying over them a nightmare. Also, it is not uncommon the need to operate between 4.000 and 5.000m ASL where the E-300 performs flawlessly without any significant loss in performance.

Besides, weather in the Andean desert near the mines is not precisely a charm: “…when you take off at 11am the air can be incredibly still but just an hour later you may expect winds gusting 70Km/h from any direction” say operators of the E-300. And, as a matter of fact, it is not rare to see them landing in ….50-70Km/h side winds!!!  “…the E-300 can take it” they add.

Most of large scale topographic works in open mines require that the whole area (ranging from 3.000 to 5.000Ha) must be scanned within just a few days …if not in the same day!

So, at Elimco UAS, they have now doubled the endurance and flying time of its E-300 Viewer system dedicated mainly for topographic works.

The E-300 Viewer is a 4,8m wingspan UAV capable of carrying up to 3Kg of optical sensors. It is incredibly stable and accurate so it gathers high quality data. The operation time was around 1,5 hours during which it covered around 1.000 Hectares of land. Now, with the use of its own BXL (battery expander) technology it has been made possible to multiply by two the total energy capacity allowing a record flight time of 3hours for this kind of platform. “Jobs of 3.000 Ha in a single flight are piece of cake now !” says the operator with a smile.