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Bi-Partisan Drone Industry Legislation Introduced on Unmanned Aircraft to Expand California Jobs, Protect Privacy

by Christopher Simmons

California State Assemblyman Jeff Gorell (R-Camarillo) and Assemblyman Steven Bradford (D-Gardena) announced today they have joint-authored two bills on the growing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), or “drone” industry. Assembly Bill 1326 will attract manufacturing jobs in this rapidly growing industry to California by providing state tax incentives, while Assembly Bill 1327 intends to protect the privacy rights of Californians.

“The defense industry has been a huge incubator of jobs in California, especially Southern California,” stated Assemblyman Bradford. “We want these well-paying, high-tech manufacturing jobs to continue to grow here in California.”

Assemblyman Gorell added, “UAV manufacturing will experience 700 percent growth in the next 6 years, a great opportunity for California’s economy. But the privacy concerns must be addressed before the public will feel comfortable with all of the benefits that come from the use of this technology. Our legislation clarifies how law enforcement and other public agencies will be allowed to use UAVs, and protects the public from unwarranted intrusions.”

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