3-axis multi-talent: Quanton flight control for multi rotor helis

By Alexander Gerdes

Inspired by the open source project Tau Labs (taulabs.org) and the strong multirotors community the German Quantec Networks GmbH has designed a new flight control for multi rotor helicopters.

The board named ‚Quanton‘ is Tau Labs first contributed target. It contains a STM32F405 32bit ARM Cortex-M4 CPU with FPU, 168MHz, 192kRAM and 1024k flash. Combining a 3-axis accel and 3-axis gyro sensor with a 3-axis compass plus high precision barometer Quanton can be used for challenging multirotor applications.

The software expertise Tau Labs developers have put into it you will easily get out by playful control precision and high dynamics – with each unmanned aerial vehicle, let it be a multi-rotor or fixed wing object.

The installation is very easy due to the flexibility of the overall design. The Ground Control Station allows to define all IO port usage with only minimal limitations.

Quanton has 8 PWM inputs for regular PWM receivers, 1PPM input and up to 16 PWM outputs. Multiple peripherals are supported by up to 5 UARTs and the peripheral power supplies can be managed quite easily by soldering bridges between the desired pads on the bottom side.

The Quanton board is being delivered with the corresponding open source software.

Schematics and source code are available for free on the Tau Labs homepage taulabs.org or on the Tau Lab pages on github.com.

The goal of Tau Labs is to focus on writing high quality open source code for autopilots that can easily provide the basis for research projects or further development by anyone. The project focuses on high quality code, robust testing, and ease of use. Tau Labs’ target audiences are professionals, researchers, and students, but it is also a major concern to make those more advanced techniques
easy and accessible for anyone. Enjoy the benefits.


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