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Northwestern Michigan College Receives COA for UAV Factory Penguin B Operations

Northwestern Michigan College has received a Certificate of Authorization from the FAA to operate their UAV Factory Penguin B. The college, located in Traverse City Michigan, offers training on UAS systems to go along with their regular manned aviation training degree. Since 2010, the college has continued to grow their UAS program and graduates of the program are currently working out in industry.

The college received their COA this fall for the Penguin B and has already conducted many successful flights. The Penguin has been integrated with a Cloud Cap Piccolo autopilot system and it has been flying spot on from the beginning. In fact, it was flying so well that a fully autonomous landing was conducted on the very first flight. For more information about the program at Northwestern Michigan College you can contact the UAS Program Manager, Tony Sauerbrey, by phone at 231-995-2900 or by email – [email protected]


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