New airframe from Aeromao

News from Maurico at Aeromao of a new UA platform.

This Aeromapper UAV is fitted with a Sony Nex 7 camera and custom bracket so you can switch between different size lenses (Sony 16mm f/2.8 pancake lens or Voigtlander 15mm heliar len). This UAV version also comes Ready to Fly with Ardupilot Mega 2.5, with parachute recovery installed, is full composites, has the servo activated lens protective cover and it’s customizable.

This UAV version triggers the camera via an infra red shutter release, controlled by a programmable intervalometer.

We plan to offer more cool products and several more versions of the Aeromapper, since we find it can fit a wide range of payloads sizes. We have many requests from customers wanting to mount different sensors.

We are also offering in our website the Pelican cases for the Aeromappers UAV, as well as some other additions to it, like a Long Range Control (Dragon Link) installed in the Spektrum DX8 or DX7, depending on the option selected by the customer.

Weather has been a bit crazy here in Canada, so we haven’t gone out to fly much lately, but as soon as the weather improves we’ll do a lot of flight testing of improvements and additions. One of the things we definitely want to implement this year is a launcher (car or catapult) so the UAV can carry a bit more weight (longer flight times!)