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AECOM is now using the Aibot X6

AECOM, a global leader in engineering and construction is now using the Aibot X6 (a vertical take-off and landing UAV from Aibotix GmbH) for a variety of projects including cadastral projects and industrial inspections. “We chose the Aibot X6 from Aibotix not only because this VTOL UAV is one of the safest, most responsive and agile platforms on the market, but also because the team at Aibotix is young, energetic and flexible…” says Benoit Leclerc, (Aecom’s project manager in Ecuador), “They (Aibotix) work with their customers to provide them with the best solution for their projects.”

Aibotix GmbH, a relatively new player in the vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) market, have made great strides in the past year shaping their Aibot X6 into a universal platform for applications such as aerial mapping, industrial inspections, HD aerial video and more. When asked about the future with Aibotix, Mr. Leclerc commented “We are very excited about the future with Aibotix. They are a progressive company, always looking towards the future and what their platform can do for its users”. In fact, the Aibot X6 is the first VTOL that can be intuitively piloted using a Tablet PC. “The goal in the end is to eliminate the safety risks and decrease the costs involved with applications that require aerial imagery …” states Oliver Volkmann, Director of International Distribution and Sales for Aibotix “The Aibot X6 does just that. When it comes to mapping small areas with high resolution and at extremely short notice and in all sorts of weather conditions, the Aibot X6 is the optimum solution for acquiring your geo-referenced aerial images.”

With its shielded propellers, the Aibot X6 is one of the safest platforms available today. “A lot of our cadastral projects are located in urban environments with many vertical obstacles which limit us with regard to open take-off and landing locations” says Mr. Leclerc, “Having the propeller shields eliminates the fear that if we were to bump into something or have to land on an un-level surface that we would suffer damage to the platform or the object we made contact with.”. Most fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicles require at least 40 meters of landing space which is tough to find in urban areas. The Aibot X6 needs less than a 3 meter diameter circle to take off and land.

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