Walking Hexacopter, or Flying Hexapod?

This one has, well legs. Look out for similar projects perhaps dropping off the walking part which would then walk into a building or to the edge of something to perch and stare. The Hex coming back to pick it up or resupply it with power later. Most certainly a worthy entrant to our UAVs Got Talent section. It could have been a contender for the DARPA UAVForge.

Here we have combined a quadcopter (actually a hexcopter) with a Hexapod. Both machines are fully functional, and currently controlled seperatly. You are able to walk around, and talk off, land and continue walking. You are able to operate the hexapods legs during flight as well.

Check out our website http://madlabindustries.com for more information on this project, and other ones we are doing

Overall Weight W/Batteries: 10.8 LBS

The Hexapod is a modified PhantomX kit from Trossen Robotics.

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