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Skyfutures:RPAS CIV OPS 2012 Debrief

Nick Rogers Legislation Director was delighted to represent Sky-Futures at a global UAV conference in Brussels last week. RPAS CIV OPS 2012 was aimed at bringing together Operators, Manufacturers and Legislators from this exciting embryonic cutting edge civilian market place. Entitled “Delivering professional commercial RPAS solutions”, Nick’s speech touched on the key elements of our Managed Service product. Focus on safety, cost effectiveness and efficient time management have delivered our unique Managed Service which comprises of state of the art UAVs, highly skilled Operators, Civil Aviation Authority approvals and appropriate insurance to cover our professional service.

With full integration of UAVs into the existing commercial airspace some way off the conference heard a number of views from European Aviation Authorities and legislators. Some progress has been made and hopefully this will accelerate in 2013. Sky-Futures is participating in a working group called WG93 that allows current stakeholders a chance to influence the legislation through JARUS who inform both EASA and National Aviation Authorities. Currently operations at Sky-Futures are governed by UK Civil Aviation Authority rules. Their simple, safety focused and pragmatic approach to UAV flying activity is one that is held in high regard throughout Europe. In such a growth market other European Aviation Authorities are looking at the flagship principles and rules introduced in the UK to roll out their own similar set of rules in respective countries.

The industry is still in its infancy and we have to work with existing aviation structures and systems to integrate incrementally into this space. The team at Sky-Futures believes in full co-operation and transparency with regulators. However, the most crucial part of our operation is a safety driven approach by aviation professionals. What was clear from the 2 days at RPAS CIV OPS 2012 is that a huge amount has been done in austere times to get this industry up and running. This impetus now needs to accelerate into the next phase to unlock the potential in a market with virtually unlimited growth prospects.

Proud to be a British company serious about a large stake in the civilian UAV market we continue to find innovative outputs to save your business money and time using cutting edge UAV technology.

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