IR-Blue – Open Source Hardware Thermal Imaging Smartphone Accessory

Technology marches on, an Open Source project that has the potential to have an impact on civilian sUAS  has hit its’s Kickstarter goal of $20,000. Add this to the coffee can SAR and a camera and you begin to have a fairly powerful sensor suite. Not yet at current military standards, but look what Open Source has done to the price of autopilots,in 2007 it was not uncommon for $10,000 USD to be the starting price point now 3DR are selling GPS equipped autopilots for $180. Where will this and the SAR project be in 5 years time if a community of developers get behind them? Its bound to go far in these energy concious times. A disruptive technology if ever I saw one. Well done Andy Rawson and Marcel Damhuis.

I have a 100 year old house that can be drafty and hard to heat in the winter. I have been wanting a thermal imaging camera to help find leaks ever since we bought this house. The cheapest one I could find was $1,500 so I finally just made my own. This is the IR-Blue.

The IR-Blue lets you see the temperature of things around you. It uses a 64 zone non-contact InfraRed sensor array to read the temperature of what you are viewing. The IR-Blue connects using Bluetooth to your iPhone or Android device to show the temperature readings as colors on the screen.