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Inmotion announces Zero Gravity, Greenville’s premier video production company

Since 2005, Inmotion Media Transfer has seen their business of digitizing home movies for DVD steadily grow through the years. However, another aspect of their business–first class video production services–has grown dramatically as well, and now Inmotion has taken the next logical step and spun off a sister company, Zero Gravity Productions.

Tim Bogenn, the founder of Inmotion/Zero Gravity, is excited about the launch. “Inmotion certainly isn’t going anywhere, and will continue to digitize the cherished home media of families across the region. But to better serve our video production clients, Zero Gravity will be here to offer excellent videography and sound capture, as well as our new huge studio and aerial videography.”

The creation of Zero Gravity comes as the new company opens the doors on the largest independent studio in the region. At 2500 square feet, the studio is perfect for product shots, as well as car and other vehicle shoots. The Zero Gravity studio is a full-featured production studio with both seamless green screen and seamless white and the state-the-art equipment needed to make video projects a success.

Zero Gravity also now offers an innovative new method of capturing aerial videography/photography: a remote controlled multirotor camera mount. Built on the same technology that powers military drones, the multirotor is a large, sturdy, smooth-as-silk camera mount that that is perfect for outdoor aerial shots without the hassle and limitations of a helicopter rental. Not to mention that it can also go places that no helicopter could ever go, like the inside of large facilities.

Stanton Blakeslee of Eye Integrated Communications, a creative services agency specializing in the pharmaceutical and life science industries, applauds the move: “Inmotion has long been our go-to video production team whenever we’ve needed to partner on a project. Zero Gravity is going to open up a lot of opportunities, not just for our agency, but for marketing organizations throughout eastern North Carolina.”

For more information on Zero Gravity and Inmotion, and to see a clip reel that includes stunning aerial footage, visit their websites at and

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