Hatchet RAPS concept

Love the look of this one, lots of concept pictures and what looks to be a 3D printed version on the way . People are dreaming hard when it comes to multi rotor platforms and that can only be a good thing. 

As technology advances, the threat of calamity also grows, Hatchet provides a revolutionary automatic solution in squad-based missions to relieve victims of a disaster with mobility to locations that humans cannot reach.Mobility of the helicopter is utilized to great extent in rescue missions today. With a Six-Rotor design, it enhances the Hatchet with superior maneuverability and stability in mid-to-low altitude. Onboard equipment includes Infrared Scanning Imager, Instant Photograpy Messaging system and a Ground Control System, allowing the Hatchet to not only have the handling of a real pilot but also the low-risk and less restrictions of a UAV. Easy to change modules also gives it an edge when performing diverse missions.

When in mission, it starts out before the fire engine for reconnaissance, sending information and data from the scene back to base for further deployments or reinforcement, and stays there for condition analysis, scene monitor, broadcasting and communication relay.Could change modules according to mission type, which includes a fire extinguish capsule release track for stopping fire spread in hazardous zones of a fire scene.Using computers to control formation flying increases load capacity and time for complex tasks, such as deployments, transportation of fire-extinguishing chemicals, survival gear and laders, line stringing construction, delivering flyers and Multi-point monitoring.