Draft Italian RPAS regulations published for comment.

Paolo Marras President of ASSORPAS (Associazione Italiana per i Light RPAS/ Light RPAS Italian Association) writes to tell us that on the 24th of December ENAC (the Italian CAA) published for comment a first draft of Italian RPAS regulations.

It is available at the web address: http://www.enac.gov.it/La_Normativa/Normativa_Enac/Consultazione_Normativa/info-905363687.html

The document definitely states the difference between Model Aircraft and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, determining operations limits also for model aircraft. There are defined authorization processes for RPAS, operators and pilots, operating under and over 20 Kg MTOW and for different tasks.

“This is a really important step for the whole RPAS market development in Italy.

On behalf of ASSORPAS, the Italian Light RPAS Association, I can say that we are going to intensively participate to the reviewing process, providing our comments and contributions according to the experience of ASSORPAS corporate members and in coordination with the ongoing works of Eurocae Working Group 93″.

Paolo Marras