AEROmetrex becomes a CASA fully certified UAV Operator

AEROmetrex is pleased to announce that it is now a fully Certified Australian UAV Operator. The Operator Certificate 1-UZCA9 has been issued by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) on the 18th December 2012.

Australian UAV Operators not certified by CASA engaged in commercial activities are operating illegally. Businesses may run the risk of voiding their insurance and the possibility of legal action by engaging uncertified UAV Operators.

The list of certified UAV operators is published on the CASA website: Certified UAV Operator list

Due to a growing number of illegal UAV Operators present in the Australian market, an official list of certified UAV operators has been made publically available and any businesses engaging an UAV operator can now check if they are certified (or not).

AEROmetrex has been providing precision aerial surveys and mapping solutions to all sectors of the Australian mining industry since 1977. Using the RQ-84Z AeroHawk UAV system from Hawkeye UAV, we are now able to provide a unique monitoring service over sites as big as 10km² on a daily basis if required.

We are now in a unique position to provide very high frequency monitoring services for localised areas combined with state-of-the-art photogrammetry products.”

AEROmetrex is in discussion with major companies which will greatly benefit from these innovative services.