Americas Multirotor

Would you test fly your RPAS here?

A video of a multirotor being flown by YouTube user BeastinEastie is receiving attention on UAS communities online. Condemnation all around. The craft is being flown perhaps within 1.5km of the 27 end of Boston Logan airfield. It took off from Coughlin Park. Thanks to RCMike from Multi Rotor Forums for filling me in.

The phrase caution wake turbulence comes to mind as you can see in the image above what looks to be a 737 arrives in shot at 17 seconds. What happens starting at 2:40 is just staggering.

Perhaps this will be the first case to show that the FAA have teeth.

Unlike like their European counterparts, who are monitoring and nurturing a new industry the FAA forms committees of people with little clue of what’s happening on the street and continually find reasons to sit on their hands instead of regulating UA in the NAS.

If clear rules were in place with punishments for people operating outside of the rules then perhaps this sort of thing  might become a thing of the past. There must be in excess of 5000 multi rotors flying in the USA. That number is probably conservative. Something like the Parrot ARdrone has limited range and will land when it reaches that range.

A platform like the one used making this video could fly on for several miles all by itself if it had a mind to

No doubt this operator thought he was fine operating just to one side of the approach, even the very best systems can experience fly away’s

Not as close as the infamous 2009 Australian Pacific Blue incident at Perth where a model aircraft with camera did a similar thing though. Something about 737’s..

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