Seattle Police Department, UAS Operations manual

A handy document for all those Police departments considering starting Operations and a heads up for civilian  UA business as to what might be expected. The Seattle Police departments ops manual makes interesting reading.

The bit that will be of interest to objectors and the new FAA stumbling block, privacy.

Protection of Rights and Privacy

UAS unit Commanders, operators and observers will have the protection of citizens civil rights and reasonable expectations of privacy as a key component of any decision made the to deploy the UAS.  UAS operators and observers will ensure and will be held accountable for ensuring that operations of the UAS intrude to a minimal extent upon the citizens of Seattle. To accomplish this primary goal we will:

a) When the UAS is being flown the onboard cameras will be turned so as to be facing away from occupied structures, etc to minimize inadvertent video or still images of uninvolved persons.

b) All video and still images will be maintained in strict compliance with SPD policies and

c) A website for public input will be maintained and regularly monitored to address citizen concerns and recommendations

d) The SPD UAS unit wit] not conduct random surveillance activities. The use of the UAS will be tightly controlled and regulated.

e) The authorized missions for the SPD UAS are:

      a,  Video/photographs for investigative support (TCI, Homicide, ABS)

      b,  HAZMAT Response

      c,  Search and Rescue

      d, Barricaded persons

      e,  Traffic collisions

      f,  Disaster Response (Flood, earthquakes; etc.)

All other requested uses will be approved the Special Operations  Bureau Chief prior to accepting the mission.