Release the Hounds

Gogglebox Entertainment a production company based in London contacted Skypower about an exciting new pilot show they were putting together. A gameshow which contestants had to complete a number of tasks and then had to escape the grounds of a rather large country house in Hertfordshire.

The ending shot required the contestants to run down a line of trees being chased by some rather large hounds! This proved a tricky shoot as a lot of background work needed to be completed. The location was inside Class A Airspace, however Skypowers close connections with The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and NATS (National Air Transport Services) gained full permission to fly our CINIPRO Aerial Drone up to 400ft. The conditions were forecasted to be very windy on the day and the decision to fly was made early on the morning.

A full 6 hours of shooting was completed and our Helicam (Olivia as she affectionately called) proved very stable in the unforgiving crosswind. Our gimbal stabilisation proved extremely efficient at ironing out the gusty conditions in the Isle of trees. The dogs once acclimatised to the noise of our drone did not even notice its presence and some exciting action was filmed!