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Quadrocopter’s, Grows to Multimillion Dollar Business in 2 Years

Located in northwest Montana, Quadrocopter is a fully MikroKopter licensed  corporation with the goal to provide its clients with the foremost solutions  for all multi-rotor aerial applications. The online store offers the industry’s vastest selection of professional grade multi-rotor/aerial related products.

Ready to Fly systems built by Quadrocopter are the finest in the industry.

In 2006, Quadrocopter opened its doors as a non-commercial support website for universal aerial video  platforms that were part of the MikroKopter and UAVP  projects. At the time, the website was run by a group of copter enthusiasts, including Quadrocopter founder Flori Seeger.

Along with detailed instructions on how to assemble the complicated hardware, Flori and other community members contributed links on where to find parts. “A few years ago, finding the parts in the US was next to impossible,” Flori explains.
“You’d have to have them shipped from Europe. They’d take awhile to arrive. That’s when it hit us: instead of pointing our visitors elsewhere, why not supply the parts ourselves?”

So, in 2010, Flori began the search for the right shopping cart software provider. As a java developer and experienced designer, he really wanted to find a platform that included built-in, out-of-the-box website tools—but also featured a heavily customizable framework.

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