“How I Live Now” Aerial Filming

The Team at Skypower are used to moving quickly, just as well as we got a call on Friday afternoon from Cowboy Films for a film job the following Wednesday and Thursday. Normally not a problem however the filming was to take place on the edge of Class A airspace very close to Ascot. So permission to fly was needed as well as a careful site visit. The brief was for some low aerial footage of a plane crash scene, and some fast low level shots of two of the actors for the film “How I Live Now” to be released in 2013.

The team went to site and adjusted the gimbal to house the Canon C300 as well as live feed back to a number of monitors. Skypowers Helicam performed flawlessly carrying the 3.5kgs of camera for 8 minutes at a time. This giving us time to do multiple runs of one set of batteries with a large safety net. Stabilised gimbal with 100% movement was achieved with the C300. Months of work have gone into fine tuning our Octocopter, the film crew complemented on its stability and ease of use through out all aspects of production. Look out for the aerial shots in the forth coming movie.