AirScape UAV Solar Turbine to deliver 30 to 90 days of flying time!

My goodness its Thunderbird 2, another one from indiegogo

Ben Berry, CEO AirShip Technologies Group

What if you had the opportunity to help fund a product that can CHANGE THE WORLD?

The AirShip V2 Solar Turbine is designed to provide critical new capabilities in a reliable and more affordable manner; all while consuming no fossil fuels and emitting no carbon emissions.  Its reduced carbon footprint is defined by multiple stages:

  • Solar film nanotechnology
  • Clean tech solar turbine manufacturing
  • Renewable solar electric power for long flying time

AirShipTG has designed a Solar Turbine engine that is more efficient, non-polluting and inexpensive to use than any other small UAV propulsion system in the market.  It is an industry game-changing revolutionary approach to ultralite UAV propulsion that eliminates the carbon footprint.  It reduces UAV aircraft weight and eliminates the need to carry onboard fuel because of the introduction of renewable solar energy with rechargeable ultra-capacitors.

The AirShip V2 Solar Turbine UAV eliminates the need for carbon-based fuel; thus, eliminating carbon dioxide emissions.  This air accelerator clean tech propulsion promotes electric UAV efficiency and serves as compelling alternative propulsion for small and ultralite UAVs.  By developing an alternative solar electric UAV with 30% solar cell efficiency, the UAV eliminates pollution and creates the notion of “green aircraft propulsion.”


By contribuitng, you are helping to expand the capabilities of the AirShip V2 that produces video images of things that can be shared with local regions of people or the world, as well as you, our backers.  The vehicle serves as an aerial service delivery platform for 1st Responders, but consumers can gain access to much of the visual information video content.  For example, The AirShip V2’s AirScape services provide visual information for

  1. Remote Terrain Scouting (lost hikers, waterway scouting for rivers and lakes)
  2. Geographic Information Systems (archaeology, natural hazards, environmental monitoring, motion picture production, sports & tourism
  3. Search and Rescue (lifeguarding and shark patrol)
  4. News media (flyover video)
  5. Environmental Alerts (fire lookout spotting, fire command and control)
  6. AirSniff Filtering (environmental air pollutants, disease pathogen vectors)
  7. Transportation (congestion management, road and weather information)
  8. Public Safety (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance)
  9. Hospitals (emergency management, public health insect spray eradication – West Nile)

This project funds the development and launch of the UAV’s Solar Turbine Clean Tech Air Accelerator Propulsion that enables to the AirShip V2’s AirScape services discussed above.  The Solar Turbines enable the UAV to maintain persistent flight endurance of 30 to 90 days.

Gary Mortimer

Founder and Editor of sUAS News | Gary Mortimer has been a commercial balloon pilot for 25 years and also flies full-size helicopters. Prior to that, he made tea and coffee in air traffic control towers across the UK as a member of the Royal Air Force.