TerraSight® EX Expeditionary System Launches at AUSA 2012

The TerraSight® EX video exploitation system, a compact, lightweight expeditionary version of the proven TerraSight platform, was introduced today by SRI International Sarnoff. Housed in a ruggedized Windows® laptop, TerraSight EX brings advanced video exploitation to forward operators. The system can process standard video feeds from an unmanned aerial system (UAS) and convert them into real-time, integrated tactical information that can enhance total situational awareness.

“With conventional UAS video, expeditionary teams are often confronted with ambiguous, imprecise images that lack context,” said Mark Clifton, vice president, SRI Sarnoff products and services division. “The TerraSight EX system overcomes these limitations, giving users greater situational awareness and faster reaction time. Increased precision means more space and time to anticipate and respond to threats.”

With TerraSight EX, full motion video is stabilized, mosaicked, geo-registered, and precisely draped over a 3D map in a single, integrated display. The system accurately generates precision targeting coordinates for objects of interest from full-motion video and enables ground teams to reach back while simultaneously sharing critical, time-sensitive information with headquarters.

The mosaic process stitches together individual frames of video into a broader view that provides greater context. While conventional systems are prone to substantial location drift and sync errors in raw metadata, TerraSight’s geo-registration precisely places the video onto the 3D map by assigning accurate latitude, longitude, and elevation coordinates for each video pixel. Operators can generate target folders and messages by point and click for forwarding to Fires networks, command centers, or systems using Cursor on Target. Legacy systems provide separate windows for video and maps.

TerraSight software and systems have been deployed by every branch of the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Army has a service-wide license that extends to Special Operations Command (SOCOM).