MicroStrain Releases New SensorCloud Feature: Drag and Drop CSV Files to the Cloud

MicroStrain’s new CSV Uploader for SensorCloud™ simplifies and streamlines access to cloud-based sensor data. Now users can drag-and-drop CSV files generated in Node Commander 2.6 directly into SensorCloud, without any outside intervention.

The automated CSV Uploader enables quick and easy data visualization controllable sharing, and secure storage of any CSV file generated by the recently released Node Commander 2.6. Furthermore, a downloadable CSV Uploader template provides a standard formatting guide for users to import their owndata.

Starting a SensorCloud Basic Account is free and quick. Basic Accounts allows users to upload millions of data points per month, with unlimited total data storage.  MicroStrain also offers premium and professional account options formore data, users logins, and custom alerts.

“The CSV Uploader is a convenient tool which allows wireless sensor users to rapidly access the benefits of cloud-based data,” according to Ben Corneau, Manager of Software Engineering at MicroStrain, a LORD Company. “As a result, it has never been easier or more efficient to analyze and collaborate on sensor data.  Combined with MicroStrain’s web-connected wireless sensor gateways, WSDA-1000, our CSV Uploader enables our wireless sensor networks to support enhanced monitoring, management, and research for today’s smart structures, vehicles, industrial processes, and remote environments.”