Australasia Civil Multirotor

Aerodrone MR4, Bask Industries


The AeroDrone MR4 is a rigid, lightweight and aerodynamically efficient quadrotor design that not only looks great, but has the performance to match.

This platform is the evolutionary result of rigorous engineering design, development, and testing conducted in-house at our facility in Melbourne, Australia. Utilizing the amazing APM Autopilot, the MR4 frame has been extensively field tested in order to assure high-end performance when used in any flight mode.

The core of the MR4 is covered by the hard ABS Case which has been designed not only to protect the on-board electronics but to make it look great as well.

The MR4 platform comprises of strategically placed inbuilt sensor bays, has been designed with high ground clearance (14.5cm) to accommodate a payload of up to 500 grams, and is capable of flying for over 15 minutes. The frame is built entirely out of recyclable materials (like polycarbonate and aluminium), ensuring that the environmental impact of the MR4 is kept to a minimum over the lifetime of the product.


We are selling three different kit versions;

  • Frame Kit
  • Frame Kit + Propulsion Pack
  • Full Kit

as well as an RTF package.

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