Two Hurt In Remote Control Helicopter Accident In Haverhill

HAVERHILL (CBS) – A freak accident involving a remote control helicopter has left two men injured in Haverhill.

Scott Proposki, the owner of Camera in the Sky, was testing out one of his aerial photography helicopters with his co-worker John Perry Tuesday afternoon when something went wrong.

They landed the four-foot chopper but it suddenly started back up on its own and it hit Perry with its six rotor blades.

“For some reason it took off, only three feet off the ground. It hit John. Immediately I reacted, went in there and reached for it and took it off John,” Proposki told WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

Perry had minor injuries, but Proposki ended up with several cuts on his hand and arm.

“Five to six gashes to my right hand. I had surgery last night at Brigham and Women’s Hospital,” he said Wednesday, adding that he will recover completely from the tendon damage he suffered.

Proposki jumped into help his friend without thinking about his own safety.

“When you see someone that’s in dire straits of help, I honestly did not think twice, about just going in there and solving this. You just react and you do the right thing.”

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