Skypower maps Brands Hatch!

Skypowers Aerial Drone was hired for 2 days by a well known Japanese games manufacturer to photograph every inch of the famous course of Brands Hatch. This included 360 shots of all the buildings, bridges, grandstands, pit lane, control tower and even the portaloos around the track! Overall 20,000 geo tagged photos were taken from a Canon D5, at varying heights around the track from our drone. This will be used to build accurate 3D images for a new game soon to be released! More news later on this exciting project!

Rob our technical director “We are very proud of our drone which completed over 20 sorties a day. Normally such aerial work would be carried out with a helicopter, however our unique approach to aerial filming allowed full pre planned flight through our waypoint system, with accurate heights achieved at a greatly reduced cost”

Skypowers drone is equipped with a full live feed to the ground which gave our Japanese director unprecedented control through our HD monitor. With our gyro-stabilized gimbal the horizon stayed level even with wind speeds exceeding 20knots at 1000ft, and 10-15 knots on the surface. More news about this exciting project will be released soon! One day you may be driving around the course in the comfort of your own home all thanks to our Aerial Drone!