Australasia Outback Challenge Rescue

Plane and simple: Joe needs rescuing

Lou Morrissey

Sure, the trampoline was a shock, and the pogo-stick was hours (well, seconds) of bouncing fun, but the gift you always wanted was a remote-controlled plane, wasn’t it? You’d see other kids with them and wonder what was wrong with your own family, and resolve to drop better hints next year (that day with your dad at the airport clutching your Nintendo console pretending to manoeuvre Qantas beasts was clearly too subtle).

There’s a chance the people we’re about to speak of suffered the same trauma.

Starting on Monday, six international search and rescue teams and 14 high school teams will compete in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Challenge. The  bi-annual hunt in Kingaroy, Queensland, pits teams’ home-made robotic aircraft against each other in a challenge to locate Outback Joe.

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