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KAI Devil Killer

Electric ducted fan (EDF) and rudder elevator the claimed performance figures for KAI’s new guided weapon seem slightly optimistic.

A maximum speed that ranges between 350-400km/h (189-216kt), says KAI. It navigates using GPS and a data link, and the company refers to it as a “suicide combat unmanned air vehicle”.

“After [the Devil Killer] moves to the target point along the pre-programmed route, which is designated with navigation points, the operator can identify targets through the forward-looking camera image and then commence either a manual or automatic strike,” says KAI.

It certainly looks just the ticket. How long those EDFs can operate for remains to be seen. They are known in the model aircraft world for being the most efficient way of converting electrons into noise. The triangular airframe is a nice touch the old sore of if it looks right it will fly right probably applies in this case.


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