Americas Civil Multirotor

Drones aren’t just for military operations anymore

Seeing lots of wild claims being made for this system in the press, if you are buying any UA make sure you see it flying and make the flight demonstration happen when you want it to (Ed).

NAPLES, Fla. – When you hear the word “drone” do you think military operation or local business? We discovered drones aren’t just flying over Iraq and Afghanistan, they’re flying over Florida! Over the next decade, experts are predicting that the unmanned aerial vehicle business or UAV’s will bring in an estimated $89 billion worldwide. The U.S. is expected to dominate 62-percent of that market.

In the U.S. drones are used for everything from research to surveillance. They can fly 10,000 feet in the air, maneuver into tight places, and help law enforcement on the ground when they’re up against the unknown like during standoffs or hostage situations. In Florida, the Miami-Dade police department already has one.

Drones took center state at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Local Naples company, United Drones, was allowed to exhibit its products.

Gary Brecka, Executive Director for United Drones, was on hand to talk about unmanned vehicles and show them to visiting RNC delegates and a whole lot of law enforcement.

Whether the unmanned vehicles are on the ground, or in the air, the goal is the same: safety.

“We are concerned about protecting,” explained United Drones founder and engineer, Curt Winter.

Curt spends his days, and some of his nights, at his Naples shop making what used to sound like science-fiction, into reality.

While the drones he builds do not have weapons attached, they are designed to be weapons ready, for the client to install.

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