UAS Europe acquires UAV IP rights

UAS Europe, Sweden, has announced that they have acquired the intellectual property rights, manufacturing capabilities and airframe stock for two different unmanned aircraft from UAV SERVICES AND SYSTEMS, Germany. The larger aircraft is called X-SIGHT, has a 4-stroke engine, wingspan of 3.15 meters, a payload capacity of 7 kg and endurance of up to 10 Hours.

The smaller hand or catapult launched aircraft, mX-SIGHT, has an electric engine, wingspan of 2 meters, payload capability of 3.5 kg and endurance of up to 2 Hours. The two aircraft have been renamed Spy Owl 200 and Spy Owl 300. “We see the acquisition of the these two system as a very strategic step where we now can provide three different types of UAVs. UAV trainer system, portable and reliable hand launched UAVs and not the least a long endurance system with great surveillance capabilities.

UAV SERVICES AND SYSTEMS has done a tremendous job in assuring superb building quality, long endurance and very reliable UAVs. We are proud to be the new owners of such professional UAV systems.”, says Henrik Wolkesson, project manager at UAS Europe, Sweden. “We have been searching for a suitable company to take over the production of our UAVs: mX-SIGHT and X-SIGHT. Our limited resources has prevented us from taking the development and manufacturing to the next level. We are fully convinced that UAS Europe has the right knowledge and capabilities to make this a UAV success story”, says Stephan Sabath, CEO at UAV SERVICES AND SYSTEMS, Germany.

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