ING demonstrates leading edge UAS and simulator solutions

ING Engineering Inc., Canada’s Robotic Aviation leader, demonstrated one of its Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) platforms to a select group of customers in Port Hope, Ontario. Observers included members of the Department of National Defence, the Ontario Provincial Police, as well as representatives of Ontario Power Generation. Using the VTOL platform, ING captured high quality imagery and video using various cameras, using the convenient plug-and-play system. The team demonstrated the capabilities of the Photo3S 3-Axis still image camera for high resolution photography while the VideoZoom10X allowed the pilots to capture optical zoom video. A thermal FLIR camera was also deployed in a search and rescue demonstration. Three individuals hid in  various unknown locations. The VTOL then located the individuals using our infrared capabilities.


Bruce Barnes,Training lead for ING Engineering, also demonstrated ING’s advanced simulation training software, SPOT3G, offered by ING Engineering’s software partner, SIMLAT. ING’s training team used the software to quickly assess the capabilities of a number of individuals to operate a UAV. The simulation software tests potential UAV pilots for hand eye coordination, video map
comparison skills, and target identification capabilities.

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