Clinton Launches Raven Aircraft program in Uganda.

The visiting American Secretary of State, Mrs. Hilary Clinton, has expressed optimism that the Ravens aircraft that are used for the surveillance of enemy positions, will not only help in tracking down Al Shabaab terrorists in Somalia but will also assist in ridding the world of Joseph Kony and his group the LRA.
Mrs. Clinton, who is currently on an African tour, was this afternoon commissioning the RQ 11B Ravens aircraft at the Kasenyi UPDF Training School in Wakiso district.
The small unmanned aircraft vehicle is capable of providing images and video to small unit commanders in the field by scouting the local area and giving them a better picture of enemy positions as well as the surroundings.
Mrs. Clinton highly commended the government of Uganda and the UPDF in particular for the great leadership and also for cooperating with the American government, especially in the field of training, noting that the Ugandan army that is highly disciplined is respected and admired not only in Africa but also internationally.
The ceremony was attended by the Minister of State for Defense,  General Jeje Odongo and senior military officers.