New Unmanned Vehicle Designed by University of Southampton is Labeled as iflyer

The winner of the competition to design and name the livery for a novel remotely operated aircraft designed by the University of Southampton, has been announced by Blue Peter as Izzy Bennett, 11 from Exeter. Izzy suggested the name ‘iflyer’ and the winning graphic design and was awarded a Blue Peter badge and replica plane by Barney Harwood, Blue Peter presenter.

Izzy commented that she was pleased at the colorful camouflage she had designed. University staff and students designed the plane, which was developed in partnership with BBC Research and Development for the previous few months in order to fit broadcast cameras in an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Novel technology has been developed by BBC R&D for the UAV to allow filming with superior shot stability and accuracy for its sport, news and documentary programmes. Live HD footage can be streamed live in real time from the aircraft to a computer.

The petrol powered UAV having a wingspan of 4.2 m and a maximum speed of 42.5 mph can fly for 2 h with a maximum fuel load at an economic speed of 24.5 mph.

Professor Andy from the Computational Engineering and Design Research Group of the University has added that this UAV is a new design, which has been developed by students and staff. The major components of the plane were designed using 3D printing or additive manufacturing by 3T RPD and the winning graphic design by Izzy was painted on the plane.