FCC emergency drone idea doesn’t fly

An interesting glimpse of the future, now the mobile communications giants are scared of UAS. They must have more financial clout than privacy advocates and AUVSI. Some fatally flawed thinking as well, the military can set up communication relays from aerostats and UA so why not civilian emergency responders. Patrick is an expert in the PGSS field and has spent some time in Yumastan no doubt he will have an opinion, I shall open it upto the floor at the forum here.


Some of the major wireless carriers and public safety organizations are shooting down an idea by the Federal Communications Commission that would allow the launch of communications-carrying drones or other aircraft to act as temporary links when telecommunications go down in a disaster.

AT&T, Sprint and the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials-International told the commission that the threat of interference from aircraft operating as “rapidly deployable aerial communications architecture” may cause more harm than good

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