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Emmen Aerospace joins The BOSH Group

Emmen Aerospace, Inc., a small business corporation based in Newport News, Va., announced on Tuesday that it will rebrand to become BOSH Technologies, a member of The BOSH Group (TBG), effective Oct. 1. The transition will formalize Emmen’s induction into TBG, a family of companies dedicated to the development and operation of customized unmanned system solutions.

Emmen, which specializes in the development, production and support of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), adds complementary technologies to TBG’s portfolio of capabilities.

“Emmen has a proven track record of success in supplying affordable, easy-to-use UAS to U.S. government and military personnel at home and in Iraq and Afghanistan,” said Robert Fitzgerald, CEO of The BOSH Group. “As BOSH Technologies, the company will build on that success, expanding into new markets by customizing field-proven unmanned systems to meet the specific needs of law enforcement, emergency responders and other civil communities.”


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