ADTI Announces Business Development Plans for Commercialization of Future Sensors and UAV Systems

ANAHEIM, CA, Jul 19, 2012 Advanced Defense Technologies, Inc.  announced today the major business development plans to advance its efforts to commercialize the Company’s cost effective antenna systems for detection, SATCOM and UAV payload implementation and integration for the commercial markets. ADTI anticipates a number of initiatives to accelerate the development and eventual commercialization of our UAV Systems. The Company’s priorities include obtaining additional financing to accelerate our commercialization efforts, the development of additional system enhancement technologies, completion of field testing evaluation, and the acquisition of strategic partners and engineering talent to help advance our technology from research and development to the commercial market.

R.S. Tahim, President and CEO of Advanced Defense Technologies Inc. stated, “ADTI’s new phased array antenna technology which has the advantages of providing excellent solutions to high cost, extensive cooling requirements, weight, size and the system complexities is being extended to the future sensors, communication data links and the Seek and Avoid systems for UAVs and Drones. Our UAV designs are intended for both private and governmental use in such diverse industries as military, oil and gas, municipal, meteorological, forestry, agriculture and coastal/border surveillance.”