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Unmanned Aircraft Crashes in Aftermath of Bulgaria Ammo Site Blasts.

A small unmanned aircraft that was supposed to probe the region in which a Bulgarian ammunition depot exploded on Tuesday, has crashed due to strong winds, Defense Minister Anyu Angelov has said.

Armored vehicles are currently searching for the aircraft’s camera, Angelov has told reporters.

On Tuesday, a series of blasts occurred at a private-owned ammo site near the Petolachkata road junction close to Sliven, injuring at least 9 people, two of them critically. Three employees of the Sofia-based private company that manages the ammo site are still missing.

Two Plasan Sand Cat vehicles are still searching for the missing workers.

The last blast at the ammunition depot was heard at around noon local time.

Angelov has confirmed that a cell phone has been discovered at the scene of the accident, which means that safety regulations have been violated.

Earlier on Wednesday, Angelov’s deputy, Valentin Radev, stated a human error may have been the most likely reason for the series of blasts.

The Defense Minister has said the energy released in the first explosion was equivalent to 10 tons of TNT.

The nearby communities are not in danger, he has assured.

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