Sagem Patroller UAS Completes Flight Tests

Sagem’s Patroller unmanned aircraft system (UAS) completed a new series of flight tests, demonstrating new multi-sensor technologies, the manufacturer said Monday.

Among the tests, Sagem said the Patroller demonstrated the ability to fuse information from different sensors and to transmit them to a command and control center for coastal surveillance. The 1-ton class drone completed 18 test flights, where it was equipped with a version of the Sagem Euroflir 350 gyrostabilized optronic pod with a high-definition, infrared channel and a laser rangefinder. The Patroller also carried a Automatic Identification System receiver, which enabled real-time monitoring of maritime traffic over a large zone, and a distress beacon detector.

In December, Sagem received authorization from French authorities to fly the Patroller over densely populated zones in civilian airspace, and the company said it expects to deliver a fully operational Patroller drone by early 2013.