Hi, I’m Blasty! You’re gonna be seeing a lot more of me now that everything is common’ up drone!

It may not look like it, but since I fixed up Afghanistan for the USA, now NATO is going to spend billions for their very own drones!

And that’s dronearrific!

It feels just like peace when you’re fighting war from your easy chair!

While you’re safe at home, I’m blasting bad guys and occasional innocent villagers who’re clearly on their way to becoming bad guys!


It’s the Dronecruitment effect!

IFrom Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen, to selling drones to Iraq and Turkey, I’m on the leading edge of the coming Dronetopia:

Where my Commander-in-Drone can comfortably target US citizens abroad!

And Dronetopia is coming to a police force near you! (But just for surveillance of course.)

Dronetopia is so wonderful, who could blame other countries if they wanted to be part of it, too, and say . . .

. . . blast threats who are hiding out in other countries!

I can do it all:

Kill bad guys! Kill good guys! Fight wars! Fight peace! Wash your car, and even paint your house!

So sit back, relax, and push that button. Because thanks to Dronetopia, war has never felt so peaceful!

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