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AutoCopter offers the opportunity to see the crops from above

By ANDREA JOHNSON Assistant Editor Farm and Ranch Guide

The things of children’s tales and science fiction are gradually becoming true as science and entrepreneurship are woven together.

Farmers and ranchers now have a viable option for using a remote controlled helicopter to take photos and video above their land, using the G15 AutoCopter helicopter.

The G15 AutoCopter helicopter is an unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) designed, manufactured and distributed by AutoCopter Corp of Charlotte, N.C. This UAV can be used for precision agriculture mapping, farm and ranch inspections, crop lodging information and much more.

The 64-inch remote controlled AutoCopter helicopter weighs about 17 pounds, said Donald Effren, president of AutoCopter Corp.

The roof of a pickup truck makes a nice launch pad, but the UAV can take off just as easily in the field.

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