ZALA Aero Group UAS Training Simulator

In 2012 ZALA AERO GROUP completed a 3D simulator of GCS control and video. The product is designed to train and test pilots on different platforms and in different environmental conditions which can be changed.

Software simulates all the conditions of a UAS flight; from take off to landing while automatically testing the pilot with built in tests such as storm conditions, loss of video link, loss of data link etc. This allows the operators to test their skills before their first flight. Software will be available to all existing customers online. All future UAS will have the software built in.

One of the biggest advantage of the simulator is that both VTOL and fixed wing UAVs can be set, while the 3D video that is projected of the real buildings and structures. This allows even experienced UAS operators to test their skills and familiarize themselves with the area that they will be flying before the real mission.

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