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ZALA AERO GROUP GCS Software upgraded to OS Android and iOS

One of the main advantages of unmanned systems manufactured by ZALA AERO GROUP is the software and hardware of UAS. Starting in 2011 tremendous effort was put in to finalize the management systems, interface updates, and integration of GCS in the environment of mobile OS Android and iOS. Functional GCS management system has a number of exclusive advantages:

· Mission planning while automatically taking into account the height existing environment such as mountains. Voice mission confirmation and informative voice commands from the GCS to the UAV operator.

· Three-dimensional mapping of all active and stationary objects including; including GCS, UAV, Object tracked, UAV field of view etc.

· Transfer the control of UAV(s) from one GCS to the other in real time. Control both VTOL and fixed wing UAVs at the same time a GCS operator can take control of up to four UAVs simultaneously.

· Software allows the operator to work with cartographic materials in a format SXF, JPEG. All the video and flight data from the UAV is recorded onboard the GCS that has the function of playing back files for further analysis.

· Ground Control Station software, works on different platforms and allows you to work on operating system (OS) Windows or Linux. It is possible to remotely manage the transmission of data over the LAN or the Internet.

· Ensures the creation of flight missions, mapping the detected targets and the necessary observation areas while including no-flight zones.

· In addition the software includes: Video Image Stabilization, the formation of still pictures with the designation of a target. Transfer of geo-referenced still images, linking them to the terrain map automatically. Transfer video stream directly in the analog format and/or through the local network. Save video to hard disk formats xvid, h264, mpeg. The possibility of determining the coordinates of objects in real time as well as after the flight on the stored video data. Digital progression to improving the quality of the resulting digital video. Pasting the video images into a panorama in real time. Motion dection of targets and automatic tracking initializing both payload and/or UAV.

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