Volz Servo Orders Increase to Support AAI’s Recent Aerosonde® sUAS Contract Awards

Offenbach, Germany  May 04, 2012

Volz Servos has been contracted by AAI Unmanned Aircraft Systems to supply servos for their Aerosonde Small Unmanned Aircraft System (SUAS) to support recent contract awards. Volz’s DA-15 servos are being utilized on the Aerosonde sUAS to actuate the air vehicle’s flight control surfaces and engine throttle. The DA-15 servo is a 15mm / 0.59″ wide “micro actuator” with a salt water resistant CNC-machined aluminum case offering a sealant meeting IP67 standards for water/dust intrusion, EMI/RFI shielding and utilizes hardened steel gears.

Volz was founded in 1983 and designs and produces servos in Offenbach Germany (just outside of Frankfurt). Volz servos are currently used on several UAV and industrial applications that meet performance, reliability and durability requirements that cannot be met with off the shelf remote control (RC) aircraft servos.

Volz actuator products continue to evolve to meet the most demanding actuator applications. “AAI’s Aerosonde sUAS is full of features and capabilities that make it world class which is evident by the recent contracts they have won with the US Department of Defense”, said Phillipp Volz, Volz’s CEO. “We are excited that AAI is using our servos on this advanced UAV and are looking forward to supporting AAI’s success in their expanding sUAS business”.