UAVForge Final Ten

The Fly-Off is Here!


Over the next two weeks the final ten teams will showcase their UAV’s at Fort Stewart in the UAVForge Fly-Off. Here’s some information about each of the remaining competitors.



AeroQuad’s origin is based on crowd sourcing. They are a geographically dispersed community scattered around the world and because of this development is highly modular.



The ATMOS system makes use of an innovative UAV design: the ATMOV. Due to the intelligent layout and sizing of the propellers and their neat integration in the flying wing design, the ATMOV has the ability to combine hover and VTOL functionality with efficient horizontal flight.



The team consists of well experienced professors, post graduate and Ph.d students from the Division of Avionics, MIT campus, Anna University, India. Team DHAKSHA’s airframes are of varying sizes ranging from 240mm to 1 meter with different configuration (4 rotors to 8 rotors) categorized by 0.2 Kg to 2.5kg class Vehicle (without payload) built using CF and other composites.


Extractor X


Extractor X’s tandem wing tilt rotor system taps of the advantages of a helicopter and a fixed wing. Like a helicopter, it is maneuverable, capable of VTOL and has the ability to carry out missions in harsh environments.



The GremLion UAV team is from the National University of Singapore. The GremLion UAV is a unique unmanned coaxial rotorcraft, constructed based on sophisticated mechanical design.



A low cost, compact, lightweight, VTOL Co-Axial Tri-Rotor Small UAV. The system features long endurance, a full FCS, two cameras, GPS hold, altitude hold, autonomous waypoint control.



The icarusLabs team is comprised of 10 individuals who are passionate enough about airplanes to do this whole competition in their spare time. The icarusLabs UAV is a dual-motor blended-wing-body design that incorporates a ducted fan system for VTOL capabilities along with the range of a traditional fixed-wing UAV.




Controllable 3 ways: direct RC control, keyboard/joystick control through laptop, and autonomous waypoint flight. System is hot swappable so batteries can be changed without loss of video.

Phase Analytic


Phase Analytic’s vehicle’s small size allows for small visual/noise signature. It can land and take off from pitched roofs and uneven terrain.



SwiftSight™ is a complete unmanned communications platform designed for ease to use, continuous communications beyond line of sight, and unrivalled platform stability and reliability. SwiftSight’s™ versatility, ease of use and beyond line of sight capability renders it an exciting new platform for its class.