Saab flight tests heavy fuel version of Skeldar UAV

Saab has conducted flight tests of a heavy fuel powered version of its Skeldar vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in Sweden and Germany.

Mikael Franzen, director of Saab Product Area Tactical UAS, said flight testing of the heavy fuel version of Skeldar is progressing according to plan, with several heavy fuel engine helicopters in flight testing stage.

“The robust engine and transmission design of the heavy fuel version of Skeldar gives customers a safe and reliable solution for maritime and land operations,” Franzen added.

Besides heavy fuel version flight testing, the company is simultaneously conducting maturation and functionality tests to validate Skeldar’s performance.

Further development of the Skeldar ILS concept is underway, as well as the functional and configurational development of the Mobile Ground Control Station.

The Skeldar is a medium range VTOL rotor UAV designed to conduct surveillance, intelligence gathering, light cargo transportation, and electronic warfare missions, and has been demonstrated and tested from land as well as from a ship’s deck in several countries worldwide.

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