Saturday, July 17, 2021

Outback Challenge gives the Go to 23 teams

The UAV Challenge – Outback Rescue 2012 organisers have given the Go decision to 23 teams who submitted their Deliverable 2 technical reports and videos. The next milestone for these 23 teams, out of the original 53 teams who made the D1 cut, will be to submit their Deliverable 3 Autonomous Flight Record by the 15th of August this year.

For those interested in what the technical report looks like, you can find CanberraUAV’s D2 Google Doc report here.

International Teams who made the cut:

Carabo (USA)
EagleEye (USA) D2 video
Forward Robotics (Canada) D2 video
ABEQUAR Team (Brazil)
OpenUAS (Netherlands)
DLR Flying Robots (Germany) D2 video
DGX (Israel) D2 video

From Australia:

Team RHINO (Queensland) D2 video
Wild Hogs (Queensland) D2 video
Privateers (Queensland)
Virtuality (Queensland)
CompassUAV (Queensland)
TGIF (Queensland)
QUT SRUAV (Queensland) D2 video
Monash UAS (Victoria) D2 video
Latitude 38UAV (Victoria)
Melbourne UAV (Victoria)
CanberraUAV (Australian Capital Territory) D2 video
CGSY (Australian Capital Territory) D2 video
ANU-CVR (Australian Capital Territory) D2 video
Rescue Robotics (New South Wales)
Team LOAF UAV (New South Wales) D2 video

Watch this space as more info about each team is coming soon.

Tiaan Roux
CIO, sUAS News | "My interest in UAS began in 2006 in the Masai Mara, Kenya where I was working as a bush pilot and met Gary Mortimer. I have always loved computers, maps, aerial photos and any kind of flying thing so the UAS addiction quickly took hold. Since then my interest in these technologies has grown from just an interest to building and flying small UAS as well as getting involved with sUAS News."