Growing prevalence of drones a plus for some, privacy concern for others

By John Hollenhorst KSL

SALT LAKE CITY — These days, almost anyone can put an eye in the sky with a new generation of drones — tiny, unmanned aircraft.

While a recent Congressional order directing the FAA to loosen restrictions on drones will certainly mean spectacular imagery, it’s also raising concerns over privacy.

In addition to military drones that pick out targets and track down terrorists, there are amazing civilian drones thanks to evolving technology.

A bonus to business

Ryan Fisher, a local photographer, recently met up with us at the Lehi Model Airplane Park in Lehi to show off some of that technology.

The first drone he showed us was a tiny chopper with a standard GoPro camera. “It’s safe and reliable, so it can be used in all sorts of different applications,” Fisher explained.

He uses it as a highly mobile camera platform, shooting for outfits like Discovery Channel and National Geographic. With precision remote-control, he can even fly it inside a building if he wants.

“What’s great about the technology in the last few years is it’s become so light and so small, and actually affordable,” Fisher said.

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